Australia’s Coal Surge: 150M Tonnes of CO2 Looming

Coalmine expansions and developments approved in Australia in 2023 are expected to add nearly 150m tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere over their lifetimes – equivalent to almost a third of the country’s annual climate pollution.

This week, The Albanese government gave the green light to expand the Gregory Crinum coal mine in central Queensland. The mine produces metallurgical coal used in steelmaking.

According to an analysis by the Australia Institute, it is likely to extend the development’s life by 11 years, i.e., until the mid-2030s – and add about 31m tonnes of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere once it is burned. That equates to 6% of Australia’s annual emissions. The coal mine’s owner, Sojitz Blue, will have until 2073 to decommission the mine. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: David Gray/Reuters

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