Brazil’s Worst-Ever Floods: Rising Death Toll and Thousands Displaced in Rio Grande do Sui

Three weeks after devastating floods struck Brazil’s southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul, the situation remains dire. The floods have claimed 155 lives and displaced 540,000 people. Experts warn that water levels will take at least another two weeks to recede.

An aerial view of the Mathias Velho neighbourhood in Canoas, a suburb of Porto Alegre, shows extensive flooding. The death toll continues to rise daily, and over 77,000 displaced individuals are still in public shelters. In response, the state government has announced plans to build four temporary “tent cities” to accommodate them.

Governor Eduardo Leite revealed that the rebuilding costs will be “much higher” than the initially estimated 19bn reais (£2.9bn). Many cities, including the state capital Porto Alegre, remain underwater, with 46 of its 96 neighbourhoods flooded. Even residents in non-flooded areas have faced days without electricity and potable water.

Of the state’s seven main rivers, five are still above the maximum water level, and there is little hope of the waters receding anytime soon. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Jefferson Bernardes/Getty Images

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