California Cliff Mansions: Nature’s Siege

The torrents of water coming from the sky are having ripple effects on the cliffs that hold up some of California’s most expensive real estate. In the first two months of the year, nearly 18 inches of rain has fallen in the southern California area, about 8 inches above normal to date, and more is on the way in the weeks ahead.

In wealthy coastal cities such as San Clemente and Dana Point, homeowners watch hour by hour as multi-million-dollar houses on cliffs dangle above landslides brought on by the storms.

The Los Angeles Times estimates that $150bn in California property might be affected by coastal flooding and erosion by 2100 – meaning a hefty price tag that the state will likely protect through stabilizing insurance premiums and paying for the cost of rebuilding following disasters. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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