Strasbourg Court’s Climate Ruling May Influence Global Policies

A landmark decision by the European Court of Human Rights has significant implications, potentially paving the way for numerous global legal challenges, according to experts. The Strasbourg-based court found that Switzerland violated the human rights of over 2,000 elderly women by failing to adequately reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. The plaintiffs argued that their increased vulnerability to heatwaves infringed upon their rights to privacy and family life.

This ruling marks the first instance of the court interpreting the European Convention on Human Rights, addressing a climate change-related issue. Despite its groundbreaking nature, the decision has faced criticism. The Swiss People’s Party, for example, decried the court’s overreach and suggested that Switzerland should exit the Council of Europe. Similar sentiments echoed in the UK, with Energy Secretary Claire Coutinho expressing concerns on social media about the implications of such judicial decisions on national security and policy-making, emphasizing that elected officials should lead on climate policy. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit:  Frederick Florin/AFP/Getty Images

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