EARTH,the only planet in the solar system that can harbor life, is exposed

to various species, flora and fauna. Amongst all these, the most fascinating species is that of mankind (The HUMAN BEING).

The reason that makes the mankind so interesting is its ability to think and comprehend. The human brain is a power house that can make unthinkable as attainable and unachievable as withing the reach of every person possible.

It is this power of the human brain that has led the planet undergo various changes in its ecosystem from time to time.A lot of such changes are positive but most of them have been hazardous. We, the humans have played with the mother EARTH in every given way over the centuries. From the stone age, we, have evolved to the current digital and the satellite age. This power to think and make our lives comfortable and luxurious, we have experimented from time to time on various creatures/objects/chemicals in our laboratories and attained the results. Some of these results have been positive for both the mankind and the planet but a have been disastrous.

One such experiment that has proved to be fatal has been the current emergency that has engulfed the world. We call it “CORONA VIRUS” or the COVID-19. It has been labelled as the “pandemic”

This pandemic has brought the world to a standstill. We are all locked inside our houses and have been barred from any movement or activity outside our houses. There’s transport, no factories are functioning. Everything has just stopped or everything has just become quiet. We, have been caught up with a fear, “the fear of survival”.

Since, the human activity has halted or closed completely; mother nature has geared up and is doing the needful. EARTH is on the path of recovery and it is slowly achieving all that was once considered “Unattainable” or “Unimaginable”.


There’s a recovery mode and I would like to term it as “THE MAKEOVER”. The planet is in a makeover phase and it has been blossoming glamorously. Its looks fresh and ready to take on the mankind for the centuries to come.

It breathes fresh every second of the day and runs fresh water every second where even a tiny fish is visible clearly. The species that have disappeared from their natural habitats have returned back and the ozone layer that was depleting fast is now recovering slowly due to less pollution across the globe.

Of the many examples of the recovering nature, I want to point out two examples from two different parts of the world. The first one is from Punjab, India where a snow capped mountain range called ‘The Dhauladhar’ is visible from 160 kms in Jalandhar (Punjab) that has not been seen by the locals for over three decades. It was a sight to behold and something that would have happened once in the lifetime of the locals. The magic happened due to less pollution.

The second example is from Italy, where the water has been cleaner than ever. In those clean water the fishes are back, the dolphins dances and the swans adorns the canals in way that can catch anyone’s imagination. Truly a spectacle it must be.

These are only two examples and am sure there must 100 of such examples. Such examples only teach us only one lesson- i.e., to compassionate towards the planet. It teaches that the nature blossoms like a flower if become a compassionate species. We take care of our planet and let it bloom to its maximum so that we can enjoy the gifts that it has to offer for the centuries to come. “AMEN”


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