Alarming Peak: UN Reports Record Levels of Climate-Heating Gases

The abundance of climate-heating gases in the atmosphere reached record highs in 2022, the UN’s World Meteorological Organization (WMO) has reported.

The organization further warned that “there is no end in sight to the rising trend”, which is primarily driven by the burning of fossil fuels.

The concentration of carbon dioxide, the main greenhouse gas, is now 50% higher than before the start of the Industrial Revolution.

The WMO further explained that the Earth had not experienced similar levels of CO2 for 3-5 million years when the global temperature was 2-3C warmer, and the sea level was 10-20 metres higher than today.

The concentrations of the two other key greenhouse gases, methane and nitrous oxide, also grew, and the greenhouse gas (GHG) levels will continue to increase until emissions are cut all the way down to net zero, meaning global heating and the impacts of extreme weather will also continue to grow. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: NASA/Scientific Visualization Studio/EPA

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