Climate Crisis Spurs Surge in Extreme Wildfires, Creating Vicious Feedback Loop

Recent research shows that the climate crisis is driving an exponential rise in the most extreme wildfires across critical regions worldwide. These devastating wildfires result in catastrophic loss of human life, property, and wildlife, causing billions of dollars in damage. Scientists describe this as climate change “playing out in front of our eyes.”

Satellite data analysis revealed that the number of extreme fires had increased more than tenfold in temperate conifer forests, such as those in the western US and Mediterranean, over the past 20 years. In the vast boreal forests of northern Europe and Canada, the incidence of extreme fires has risen sevenfold. Australia has also become a hotspot for these devastating blazes.

The intensity of the worst wildfires has doubled since 2003, with the six years featuring the highest numbers of extreme fires all occurring since 2017. On average, extreme wildfires globally have more than doubled in frequency and intensity over the past two decades.

Researchers warn that the rise in these massive fires threatens to create a “scary” feedback loop, where the vast carbon emissions released by the fires lead to more global heating, which in turn causes more fires. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Con Chronis/AAP

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