Climate Inaction’s Fatal Cost: Billions Face Health Risks Amid Rising Temperatures

The climate crisis will have a catastrophic effect on the health and survival of billions of people unless the world acts to reduce global heating, according to a leading report. The report further warns that heat-related deaths are soaring, dangerous bacteria are spreading along coasts, and economies are being hit as people struggle to work and food production shrinks.

The Lancet Countdown team’s eighth annual report on health and climate change shows that little account has been taken of past warnings. The report firmly states that the world is “moving in the wrong direction” and strongly criticises continuing investment in fossil fuels.

The report comes as COP 28 prepares its first Health Day, focused on the links between the climate crisis and human health.

If temperatures rise by 2 degrees C, heat-related deaths will increase by 370%, and the number of work hours lost will be up by 50% by mid-century, according to new projections from the Climate Vulnerable Forum of countries most at risk. By 2041-60, about 525 million people could be experiencing moderate to severe food insecurity, risking malnutrition. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Eduardo Soteras/AFP/Getty Images

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