Colorado’s Wolverine Rewilding: A First in North America

Restoring wolverines to the Centennial state could provide the threatened species with a buffer population at a time when the US Fish and Wildlife is facing low numbers of threats from climate change and habitat fragmentation.

Conservationists and state biologists have long pushed for the reintroduction, saying Colorado has plenty of unoccupied habitat and could support as many as 100 or even 180 wolverines, dramatically increasing the species’ North American population.

Wolverines are one of the largest members of the mustelid family and are known for small populations, big home ranges, and an apparent elusiveness that lends itself to human myths and storytelling. The Colorado proposal is part of a wolverine comeback after the species was largely trapped and poisoned out of the continental US a century ago. Read More

News Credit: The Guardian

Picture Credit: Etienne BRUNELLE/Alamy

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