EU Air Cleanup Delays Risk More Deaths, Widen Inequality, Experts Warn

The World Health Organization has set guidelines for how many tiny particles and how much toxic gas can dirty the air but stresses that no pollution level is safe to breathe. Doctors writing in the International Journal of Public Health want the limits met by the decade’s end. Still, the European Parliament wants to wait till 2035, the European Commission intends to set weaker limits for 2030 without setting a date to align with the WHO, and the European Council wants to let poorer countries wait till 2040.

However, the proposed delay to EU air pollution limits will mean hundreds of thousands more people dying early and “widen the inequality gap” between Eastern and Western Europe, a group of public health experts have said, as EU negotiators thrash out key rules to clean up the air. Read More

News Credit: Guardian Environment

Picture Credit: David Woodfall/Alamy

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